An ancient discipline that most modern combative arts draw from for self defense and competitive fighting. Learn the ancient ways to defend against skilled opponents with and without weapons in a way that brings harmony and discipline to your life.

Taiho-Jutsu (Arresting Technique) is a term for martial arts developed with the goal to capture seize with joint manipulation and without injury. Unarmed techniques intended to pacify or disable suspects rather than employing more lethal means.

A student will learn and utilize a variety of different joint control techniques. non sport striking and grappling, throwing is taught in the perspective of a real – world combative encounter. Jujitsu is a weapons base martial art and edged and melee weapons are tools in a self defense arsenal that can equalize survival in our school we integrate weapons training that maximizes your ability to defend yourself in a dynamic situation.

Hybridized Defense Training

Unlike most self defense classes that teach impractical martial arts moves, designed to make you feel safe, but don’t do much to actually make you safe, our hybridized defense class teaches you the same practical moves, tactics and techniques that our elite warriors, undercover agents, and counter-terrorism operatives use in life threatening situations. You wont find these techniques in any octagon.

Mixed Martial Arts

 Whether you are training to fight competitively, or just want to feel confident in a volatile situation, our MMA program focuses on drills that make your reactions devastating and as natural as breathing.

Our instructors hold multiple black belts, certificates, and a plethora of real world combat experience. They have instructed Law enforcement, Federal agents, and the US and NATO’s most elite warriors in armed and unarmed combat. From children to expert fighters, everyone can learn from our outside the box, bespoketraining program; tailored to your needs.

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